About Osnat

Osnat Barnett was born in Jerusalem in 1974, the eldest of three children.
After completing her primary and secondary education, Osnat undertook two years of National Service, a format designed for those who are ineligible or unable to undertake military service in Israel.
On completion of her National Service, Osnat studied at the WIZO Institute in Jerusalem and became a qualified Nursery Nurse Assistant.
In 2000 Osnat married Daniel Sened, and moved to live in Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev, south of Beersheba, where she works in the kindergarten and paints.

In 1985 she was featured in the book "Looking for Osnat", and in 1991 starred in the film "A Touch of Magic".
In recent years Osnat has been active participant in several drama groups in the Beersheva area, and has also taken part in Yossi Lev's highly successful performance where she accompanies him to schools around the country and explains what it is like to live with Down's Syndrome.
Since 2005 Osnat has been painting with oil, gouache and crayon, under the guidance of Itay Krieger.

Osnat has Down's Syndrome.


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