Watch two scenes from
"A Touch of Magic"


This film, first shown on Israel Television's Channel One in 1992, was based on a script by the well-known Israeli author Savyon Lebrecht. Originally intended to tell the story of a Down's Syndrome boy, the director, the late Baruch Dinar, decided that Osnat was the ideal choice to star in the film when he met her at a meeting of the Down's Children Association (Yated), and the story was amended accordingly. Baruch Dinar assembled an outstanding cast of leading Israeli actors for this film, and their dedication to Osnat is evident throughout, and helps to explain the emotional pull of the film.

In "A Touch of Magic", Osnat is taken by her (single) mother (Aviva Ger) for a weekend in the country with her grandmother (the late Edna Fleidel). Here she meets up with an odd magician (Ezra Dagan), who has been invited to perform at a birthday party in the village. After some unexpected adventures, Osnat and her family learn, through the magician, that things are not always what they seemů

"A Touch of Magic" received enthusiastic reviews when first shown, and has been rebroadcast a number of times on Israel TV.

For details of how to purchase "A Touch Of Magic" (in Hebrew, with English subtitles), contact the Israel Broadcasting Authority.


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